And so it begins...

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Many people will have today walked past these markings on the church car park without thinking anything of them, but they mark the first physical signs of a dramatic transformation coming to St Clare's church later this year.

On Thursday engineers will dig up the marked areas so that the electrical supply to the church, hall and presbytery can be diverted from its current route. The reason is simple: the current supply runs under the flagged area, precisely where the new narthex will stand. The works taking place over the next few days will divert the supply, so that it no longer stands under the footprint of the new building. A new distribution board is also being installed, as the current one is in the porch, which will be demolished in a few weeks' time.

As the diocesan Trustees gave final permission earlier this month for the project to go ahead, work will now happen quickly. In the next 3-4 weeks the emergency exit doors in the church will be widened, and the bulldozers will hopefully move in to demolish the porch early in September. We will post regular updates on the project here on the parish website.

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