Christmas 2017

SAM 6431

We are celebrating Christmas, the birth of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Altar Servers' Pilgrimage and Procession

Like many parishes we are blest at St Clare's with a good band of Altar Servers some of whom took part in the annual Diocesan Altar Servers' Pilgrimage and Procession at the Shrine of our Lady at Fernyhalgh, Ladyewell.


Altar Servers Pilgrimage

Yesterday was the Altar Servers annual pilgrimage to Ladyewell Shrine led by Bishop Michael. Eleven of our thirty three serves joined Fr. Darren for the event. The day started off with Bowling at MFA Bowl in Preston; the group were spilt into two teams for bowling. George Soko was the winner of team A and Erin Ross was the winner of team B. After bowling the groups enjoyed lunch together before making their way to Ladyewell Shrine.