CTS Book Club

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Tonight we had the first meeting of our CTS Book Club, a chance to share some reflections on our spiritual reading.

Blessing of the Narthex

IMG 0241

The start of a new month saw the start of a new chapter in the life of St Clare's, as we opened our new narthex.

Join us on Thursday!

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We're nearly there - these doors between the church and the new narthex will be open to the parish and the wider public for the first time on Thursday evening.

Narthex progress update

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It's been a big week on the construction site, as the roof windows have been put in place, and the roof itself has been tiled.

Now for the roof...

IMG 4663

Work on the narthex is progressing well, with a lot of progress being made on the roof this week.

Taking shape

IMG 4573

The shape of the new narthex is becoming visible, with the steel frame of the facade installed this morning.

Goodbye to the porch

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Today the church porch was used for the last time before being demolished in the coming days.


Illustration of the new Narthex for St Clare's church


From Monday 4th September the builders will be on site, demolishing the porch before building the narthex. The project is expected to take 16 weeks, so should be finished (weather permitting) just before Christmas. The information below explains how St Clare’s will function during the building work:

And so it begins...

IMG 4521

Many people will have today walked past these markings on the church car park without thinking anything of them, but they mark the first physical signs of a dramatic transformation coming to St Clare's church later this year.