Car Wash

Wet & Wild - no, not a weather forecast but rather the activity in the church car park this mornig and afternoon. A hand car wash was offered for a small free by a group of young people (and their parents) who are soon to travel to Bosnia to work on the Parish Hodovo Project.


Nessum Dorma

Nessum Dorma - None Shall Sleep! This could have been the strapline for the 'sleepover' held at St Clare's School Friday night to Saturday morning. The boys and girls in Years 5 & 6 paid £10 to stay at school overnight to raise funds for the Hodovo Project.

Bishop's visit to Corpus Christi High School

Corpus Christi

As part of Bishop Campbell’s visitation to St Clare’s, he visited our high school Corpus Christi, where Fr. Darren is priest Chaplain.

The Bishop was given a warm welcome at Corpus Christi High School, after a short visit to St Clare’s Primary School earlier in the day. The Bishop started his visit to the school by meeting Headteacher, Mr David Hubbard and following this visited our Chapel and enjoyed tea and biscuits with a group of pupils in the Chaplaincy.


Solemn Exposition

Advance notice of wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with Jesus Christ. Next weekend (June 28th & 29th)


Visit to school

Back to school, but only for a visit! The Diocesan Bishop, Rt Rev Michael Campbell OSA, paid an official visit to St. Clare’s Primary School as part of his Parish Visitation. The Headteacher escorted him around the classes where he had a word with the children, he then attended the assembly given by the deputy head on the theme of the previous Sunday: The Holy Trinity after which and to conclude his visit, he retired to the Staff Room for a cup of tea with the Staff.


Bishop Michael Campbell

'A whirl wind of a weekend' or 'When the Bishop came to town!'

This last weekend marked the Official Visitation of the Parish by The Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev Michael Campbell OSA. Each diocesan bishop is required to 'visit' each parish in his diocese at regular intervals. This weekend marked one such interval.

Bishop Campbell arrived Saturday afternoon when the Parish Youth Day was in full swing. This was organised by Fr Carden and his co-workers and showcased what our young people get up to week by week in the Seeker or GFF Youth Groups. It was also an opportunity for the Young People who are going out to Bosnia to work on our parish outreach project in Hodovo to explain to the bishop what they are about. Suffice it to say that the bishop was impressed by what he saw and heard.

Later that evening, Bishop Campbell presided in choir at the 6pm Mass which was celebrated by the Parish Priest. At the end of Mass he spoke to the congregation before a supper with the priests and some of the Sisters in the parish. And that was just the beginning of the weekend!

Final Street Mission

Street Mission

The street mission returned to Preston City centre again on Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm.

Ceilidh Night

My name is Emma Gardiner, I am 18 years old and I study at Runshaw College. I am also a youth leader in the Parish and I also represent the youth on the Parish Council. On the 7th April at our last Parish Council meeting, Fr Chris was discussing the Hodovo Project that is taking place this summer and what fundraising we are going to do for it. It was at this moment that I thought I would like to organise a fundraising event myself, so this is where my idea of a Ceilidh came in.

Adult Catechesis

Adult Catechesis

The Street Mission continued this Sunday to promote the Adult Catechesis here at St. Clare’s. This week was not so much a Street Mission as a Park Mission.

Adult Catechesis


Adult Catechesis

The adult catechesis began here at St. Clare’s last Monday and Thursday; around 35 attended each evening.


First Holy Communion

Because of the size of our church and because of the number of boys and girls receiving First Holy Communion, an extra Mass was celebrated for this special event. 26 girls and boys accompanied by family and friends and surrounded by a haze of love trouped their way into church at the beginning of Mass and introduced themselves to the congregation. They returned to their parents only to come to the front again at the time of the homily, sat with the priest and teased out the meaning of the 'Good Shepherd' who was spoken of in the Gospel of the Day.


Altar Servers Pilgrimage

Yesterday was the Altar Servers annual pilgrimage to Ladyewell Shrine led by Bishop Michael. Eleven of our thirty three serves joined Fr. Darren for the event. The day started off with Bowling at MFA Bowl in Preston; the group were spilt into two teams for bowling. George Soko was the winner of team A and Erin Ross was the winner of team B. After bowling the groups enjoyed lunch together before making their way to Ladyewell Shrine.


May Procession

'Bring flowers of the rarest,' as the old Marian hymn says, is exactly what the boys and girls from our Parish Primary School did on Friday afternoon as we held our annual May devotions. The devotions in church should have been preceded by a procession from school to church. However, the weather was so wet in the morning that the procession was cancelled, and of course, the afternoon turned out to be bright and fair, if a little breezy!


Lenten day of renewal

Sixty or so people gathered in St Clare's Parish Hall for a Lenten Day of Renewal led by Fr Pat Deegan. Fr Pat's theme was: Mary & Reconciliation.


Rite of Election

Rite of Election does not really sound like a 'Churchy thing' - but it is! It is that Service, held each year at the beginning of Lent, when those who are going to be received in the Church at Easter are greeted by the bishop in the Cathedral.


Soup Lunch

Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving, the three 'foundations' of the season of Lent, were achieved in one fell swoop on Friday lunch time (with the help of some of the girls & boys from St. Clare's school).



Because of people retiring or moving away, we needed to replenish the numbers of those who exercise the Ministry of Reader in Church and also those who are Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.



Ordinarily the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas) does not fall on a Sunday but on whichever day the 2nd of February happend to alight upon. However, this year it does fall on a Sunday which enables a larger number than usual to celebrate it.



Some people view Bingo as eyewateringly mind numbing but others, as an act of charity. And it was the latter that held sway on Friday evening at St Clare's Parish Hall when many parishioners, young and old, gathered to raise funds for Lourdes.