Catholic Chaplaincy Royal Preston Hospital - Receiving the Sacraments while in hospital

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Receiving the Sacraments while in hospital



Sacrament of the Sick

A sign of life

Some people have the idea that this sacrament is like the sign of death or approaching death or only offered when all hope is lost. In fact the reverse is true: it is a sign of life, the eternal life promised by Jesus Christ, here and now as well as in the future. Christ came to show us how we can have life to the full in whatever situation we find ourselves. His Spirit, active and dynamic in our sickness and frailty as well as in our health and strength, is a real presence. The sacrament of the sick confirms this in a tangible way.


Advanced Years

The frailty of old age is recognised too. An older person may not be seriously ill but the years do impose burdens upon the elderly which can be difficult to adjust to and which can make the older person feel isolated and at times lonely. Again this sacrament helps and strengthens the Christians in this stage of life so that they can continue to be an active part of the family of God, for older people have so much to offer younger Christians.


Reconciliation / Confession

Confession is a private and sensitive matter, therefore if you would like to receive the sacrament please ask one of the ward staff or one of the volunteer visitors to arrange for the chaplain to come and see you. There is no need to mention why you would like to see the chaplain. You may not have been to confession for some time, confession does not have to be a difficult matter, but it does require some preparation. As with all things, we should begin with prayer, placing ourselves in the presence of God. Then we should try to review our lives since our last confession, searching out our thoughts, words, and actions that did not conform to God's love, to His law, or to the laws of the Church. Reviewing our life this way is called an "examination of conscience," and it is a good practice for every day of our lives.


Holy Communion


The chaplaincy team bring Holy Communion to the wards on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the exception of Bleasdale, Barton and Fellview, which are visited on a Monday. If you have come into hospital between these days and would like to receive Holy Communion please ask one of the ward staff to contact the Chaplain who will arrange for you to receive Holy Communion.