Mission Review - Revised Draft Proposal Released

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Mission ReviewAs part of the ongoing Mission Review a revised draft proposal has now been released. We have been asked to consider the proposal and respond to some key questions. Why not visit the parsh forum to give your views.

See below for extracts from the revised report. See Parish Documents for all the latest Mission Review documents.


Extracts from the Revised Draft Proposal: 

40a. The parish of St Clare, Preston.

Sacramental Priority
• Identify and train lay catechists, particularly for marriage preparation.
• The parish is to develop its baptism programme.
• Develop the ministry for fostering vocations.

Mission Priority
• Develop its mission with families through its link with St Clare’s primary
• Develop its links and collaboration with Corpus Christi Catholic College.
• The parish plans to establish a faith focused youth group.
• To invite adults to attend the RE Live programme.

St Clare’s, Preston, and St Mary, Fernyhalgh, would merge into a new parish at an early date and the church of St Mary would be expected to cease to be used for Sunday/vigil Mass.
• The church of St Mary, Fernyhalgh, would then be used as the church serving the shrine of Our Lady,Ladyewell.
• LATER The new parish would link with St Gregory’s, Preston, using both churches.

Review Documents

The Revised Draft Proposals

Revised Draft Proposals Review Sheet

Revised Draft Proposals Review Sheet