Impact Youth Group at Castlerigg Manor, Keswick

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impact_group.jpgOn the 3rd-5th October, the Impact Youth Group had their annual residential at Castlerigg Manor. The years theme was ‘Being Young’, this was shown in the workshops which were created by the young people.

Friday evening started with a workshop on dreams; this included activities on people we are inspired by, films/music related to dreams, and teamwork guiding people around a course blindfolded. The next workshop was on how the media influences young people. This included topics on teenage pregnancy and knife crime, the workshop represented how young people can be stereotyped. The members of the group who went on the diocesan trip to Lourdes gave a talk on their experience of Lourdes, which concluded with a question and answer time.

The Saturday afternoon consisted of a damp walk into Keswick, were the group got the afternoon of free-time. During the evening, we celebrated mass with Fr. Bernard Woods, the impact youth group’s chaplain. In the evening, the group had the opportunity to get to know more about each other, and represent people’s interest with art, when the group made a banner about the weekend.

Sunday morning’s workshop was about stereotyping, and how young people don’t specifically fall into a certain stereotype. The weekend concluded with a discussion about the future of the group.

The group would like to thank the Castlerigg Staff, Terry Mattinson, Fr. Bernard and all the young people who made the weekend possible.


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