Recent Events

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Recent events
On the Saturday before Palm Sunday, two lovely events took place in the life of our parish. The first one was when the boys and girls who had been preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation made their First Confession. They had been prepared by Mrs Monk, Mrs Breakall and others in the parish to whom we are so grateful.
 The second event was with the boys and girls preparing to receive the Sacarment of Confirmation and their parents who had a Day of Recollection at our Lady's Shrine at Fernyhalgh. The day began with Mass at St Mary's and continued at The Shrine where, after lunch, the paresnts met together with Fr Loughran, and the young people has time with Mrs Cywinski. The day ended with an afternoon Service.
After the Solemn Liturgy of the Passion on Good Friday, a group of women gathered in the Parish Hall to practice the art of flower arranging. This they did with great aplomb so as to worthily decorate the church for the Easter Feast. Thank you!