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Archbishop Abraham Viruthikulangara of NagpurArchbishop Abraham Viruthikulangara of Nagpur celebrated the 9.30am Mass at St Clare’s, on Sunday 23rd August. The Archbishop was in England on business, he is the bishop with responsibilities for youth in India and he was attending a Jesus Youth rally in Birmingham. He has family who live in this area and he asked to celebrate Mass in a Parish Church on Sunday, and that is how he came to be with us at St. Clare’s


Archbishop Abraham Viruthikulangara of NagpurIn the homily he broke the word from St John’s Gospel. He began by noticing how many people in the congregation were from different parts of the world: European, Asian, African and so on; and how all of them though from very different backgrounds were united, were brothers and sisters when they came to the house of God to worship Him.


His main theme was how Jesus in the Gospel challenged the people to make a choice, to choose for the word of life that he was offering or to choose to remain as they were – in darkness. He posited the idea that everyday, in many situations everyday, we too are called to choose for Christ.

At the end of Mass the Archbishop greeted the people as the left to go home.