Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

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Harvest timeOn Thursday 22nd of October, just before they broke up for the Half Term holiday, the boys and girls of St. Clare’s school gathered in church for a Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Each class beginning with those who had only just entered Reception Class presented one or other aspect of thanksgiving to God for the Harvest.


In our urban setting it is important that the boys and girls remember where food comes from and all the hard work that goes into producing it. In their Service they focused on God as the great giver of these gifts, and on humans as the stewards of God’s creation.

Each class, either with song or recitation or art or music led us in our appreciation of the kindness of God and the cleverness of his handiwork.


And there was a very practical element; each family in the school had given some items of food which were distributed by the Head Teacher and House Captains amongst the elderly, sick and housebound of the Parish. The girls and boys were reminded in the Service of the words of Jesus, that whenever they reached out to anyone in need, they reached out to Jesus himself. The little act of taking some foodstuffs around to the elderly and housebound, was an act of kindness to Jesus himself.


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