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CafodOver the last 3 weeks there has been a 'running' collection for those stricken by the disaster in Haiti.  The total now stands at £1205.14 and another £200+ has been given to us by The Little Sisters of the Poor for onward transmission.


We are using CAFOD to channel our donations. They have written to the parish to tell us that they have pledged £1 million to their partners in Haiti. They estimate that over 200,000 people have died but fear that 3.5 million could be affected. They write, 'Staff from our local partner, caritas haiti, many of whom travelled on foot or motorbike, have distrivuted food, water and tents to soem of the families who have been made homeless. They have also provided first aid to some survivors in hospital and clinics. "It is very hard," said Rose St-Preux, a travel agent who lost her home in the earthquake and recieved a food package from Caritas. "This Caritas distribution is the first aid we've had." Thank you for caring about our on-going emergency work. Please continue to pray for all whose lives are touched by crisies around the world. For more information visit'