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New Life in the Holy SpiritThe period between Easter and Pentecost in the Liturgy of the Word in church is so full of the action of God the Holy Spirit. The readings from the Acts of the Apostles are redolent with his power and the bringing to birth of the Church. That is why this is the period chosen by St Clare's to run the New Life in the Spirit Seminars.


Each Tuesday evening for 5 weeks parishioners and others gather to hear of the love of God the Father (week 1), the saving love of Jesus, God the Son (week 2) and the empowering love of God the Holy Spirit (week 3). The following two weeks are taken up with more teachings about the Holy Spirit and his gifts; and prayer for a new out pouring of the Holy Spirit to empower those present to re-present Jesus to our world.


The Seminars are being given by Rev Bernard Loveland a deacon of the Lancaster diocese; the music ministry is being provided by a group of evangelical Christians who worship at the Vernon Gallery, and what a blessing they are.


As Pentecost approaches, our great prayer in union with the whole Church is: O Come Holy Spirit, Veni Sancte Spiritus!


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