An Indian Meal to Remember

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Indian MealAbout 70 parishioners gathered in the Parish Hall on Sunday 2nd of May (Bank Holiday weekend) for a banquet meal prepared by parishioners from India. The Indian parishioners had gone to a lot of trouble and effort to provide what everyone agreed was an excellent meal.


The shopping for and preparation of the food took several days but, for the people who enjoyed the meal, it was very worthwhile. This was an opportunity not only to each Indian food (which was delicious) but also to learn more about our Indian parishioners, their customs, their way of dress (stunning) and where they come from in India - mainly Kerela and Tamil Nadu.


There was a relaxed, easy atmosphere in the Hall and parishioners mingled together. Like the feeding of the 5,000 there was much lefty over and many 'doggy bags' were in evidence!


Fr Loughran gave the vote of thanks, and recalled his time at seminary, where two of his close neighbours who were from southern India used to prepare (surreptitiously) the most aromatic and delicious food, the sort the gathering had just enjoyed. The Hall errupted into generous and grateful applause in appreciation of all that had been done.



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