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The day before Pentecost proved to be a good day in many ways for the boys and girls on our Confirmation Programme to visit the Cathedral. For one thing the weather was glorious, and for once the cool of the Cathedral was welcome. The vigil of Pentecost was an appropriate day for this visit was the girls and boys prepare for their own personal Pentecost when they are Confirmed in July.


When we alighted from the bus at the cathedral we were greeted by Caroline and Fr. Stewart. Our group was divided into two and they plough on into the cathedral for a guided tour of the Mother church of the Diocese. One of the high lights - quite literally - was a visit to the bell tower and out onto the viewing platform half way up the steeple. The visita of the Cumbrian mountains and much more unfolded before the group.


After visits to various parts of the cathedral usually not open to the public, the group stayed for the lunchtime Mass and then had their packed lunch and back home. Another milestone in their journey towards Confirmation.

Pictures to follow