The Great Adventure

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Sleep OverThe great adventure at St. Clare's School and Parish took the place of a 'sleepover' in school. Can you imagine children electing, even getting excited about being at school one minute more than they have to be? And yet a group of boys and girls from our school (Years 5 & 6) did just that, but why? To raise money to support children less fortunate than they are. Our School/Parish project is to support disadvantanged children and young people in the Refugee Settlement on Hodovo in Bosnia Herzegovina.


So on Friday night, the night of the great England v Algeria match (not too sure about the 'great!') 60 or so of our boys and girls spent the night bedded down in the school. They were well supported by the staff of our school who, like the boys and girls, gave willingly of their time.


The evening consisted of many activities: games, football, a candle lit vigil in church, a quizz with pizza but, strangely enough, not a lot of sleep!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed (in theory) with a breakfast inside them they were collected by mums and dads and off they went to relieve family and friends of sponsor money. What a wonderful example.


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