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CrucifixIt started on Friday afternoon when the Joiners arrived to put up the new Crucifix which we needed.  It is a replica of the one that St. Francis of Assisi prayed before and therefore, one that St. Clare, our patron, would have been familiar with.


It was not the easiest of tasks to erect the Crucifix, but it was there in all its splendour to be blest at the weekend Mass.  Soon we will train a spot light on it to make it stand out from the east window.


CyclistsThe venue then changed from church to Corpus Christi College where 7 of the staff ( Martin Callagher, Headteacher, David Botes, Deputy, Lucy & John Slater, Stuart Chester, Paul Veevers, Tom Hallsworth and, as back-up, John McGeoghan set off on a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for the parish Hodovo project – a refugee settlement in Bosnia Herzegovina.  They cycled to Ambleside (and back) gaining funds for this worthwhile venture.


Then back to church for the Friday evening concert by the Elizabethan Singers.  They came to sing a programme of old and new, classical and traditional works.  There was a good number in the audience and the proceeds, once again, went to our Hodovo Project.


There was a slight hiatus on Saturday, but Sunday morning saw the reception of First Communion by a little boy whose family live in Saudi Arabia but have connections with the parish.


That afternoon gave way to one of the great annual school/parish events, The Summer Fair.  This year’s (parish) proceeds will go to putting up new lighting in church.


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