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Altar Servers Pilgrimage

Yesterday was the Altar Servers annual pilgrimage to Ladyewell Shrine led by Bishop Michael. Eleven of our thirty three serves joined Fr. Darren for the event. The day started off with Bowling at MFA Bowl in Preston; the group were spilt into two teams for bowling. George Soko was the winner of team A and Erin Ross was the winner of team B. After bowling the groups enjoyed lunch together before making their way to Ladyewell Shrine.

The Blessed Sacrament procession was from St Mary’s, Fernyhalgh to Ladyewell Shrine. At first we did not know if the procession would go ahead due to the weather, but just before 1.30 there was a break in the weather and the decision was taken for the procession to go ahead. Prabhu Thanikachalan and Richard Van-Parys assisted in carrying the canopy which protected the Blessed Securement carried by Bishop Michael. Both lads struggled with the wind while trying to protect the Blessed Sacrament during the procession. Once the procession reach the Shrine there where a number a prayers said before we heard the Gospel from this weekend’s Mass about the Good Shepherd. Fr. Darren preached the homily after the Gospel. He spoke about the part of the Gospel where Christ talked about knowing the shepherd’s voice. Fr. Darren mentioned during the homily that the only way that we can truly know the voice of the shepherd is if we are in constant communication with Christ through prayer. He went on to say that also this weekend is the annual day for prayer for vocations and that many vocations come from those who in the past have served on the altar and that it was important for altar servers to be open to a calling from God to the priesthood and religious life. The weather held just until the end of the pilgrimage when the heavens opened and the rain came down. The group then spent some time at Ladyewell with the other servers from around the Diocese, the day ended with the servers talking with Bishop Michael before having their photograph taken with him. We give thanks for the work of our Altar Servers at St Clare’s, we are blessed to have so many.


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