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Bishop Michael Campbell

'A whirl wind of a weekend' or 'When the Bishop came to town!'

This last weekend marked the Official Visitation of the Parish by The Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev Michael Campbell OSA. Each diocesan bishop is required to 'visit' each parish in his diocese at regular intervals. This weekend marked one such interval.

Bishop Campbell arrived Saturday afternoon when the Parish Youth Day was in full swing. This was organised by Fr Carden and his co-workers and showcased what our young people get up to week by week in the Seeker or GFF Youth Groups. It was also an opportunity for the Young People who are going out to Bosnia to work on our parish outreach project in Hodovo to explain to the bishop what they are about. Suffice it to say that the bishop was impressed by what he saw and heard.

Later that evening, Bishop Campbell presided in choir at the 6pm Mass which was celebrated by the Parish Priest. At the end of Mass he spoke to the congregation before a supper with the priests and some of the Sisters in the parish. And that was just the beginning of the weekend!

He was back early on Sunday morning to celebrate the 9.30am Mass with Fr Carden. And then with the Parish Priest, he visited some of the sick and housebound parishioners. After lunch with some of the Fathers from the Tabor Retreat House and the Dean he met with representatives of many of the groups in the parish who each gave a short presentation of their pariticular activity or apostolate which concluded with a presentation by the Chair of the PPC.

The evening as taken up with the celebration of Confirmations of 23 of our young people and later the presenation of certificates. Then off into the sun set the bishop drove. But he will be back! Tomorrow actually, for school visitation. All of this can be seen in the gallery of pictures attached to this article.

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