Baptismal Mass

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Baptismal Mass

On Sunday was our now annual Mass for all those who have been baptised in the last year.

In the last 12 months 23 children had been baptised here at St. Calre's many of those children and their parents came to the 930am Mass. After Fr. Darren's homily the Baptismal Catechists came forward to renew their commitment to their ministry. The Baptismal Catechists were surounded by the families of the children who had been baptised in the last year who all received the family blessing. Together we all professed our faith under the form of the Renewal of Baptismal promises after which each of the children were given a medal of the child of prague. To round off this sepecial occassion bacon butties where served in the parish hall. Please keep these familes in your prayers.

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