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The clergy and 150 parishioners gathered at noon on New Year's Day to beginn 2015 by seeking God's blessing by celebrating Holy Mass to honour our Blessed Lady, Mother of God. In his homily the priest reminded us that, just like Mary, we all call to be 'God Bearers' (Theotokos).

Like Mary we are called to make Jesus present in the society in which we live: at home, at work and when we socialise. He asked us to pray for the grace to be the blessing that God calls us to be, to make a difference in our society by presenting  it to Jesus Christ.

After the homily the congregation and clergy prayed a prayer of Consecration to Mary:

Prayer of Consecration

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, as your Son lay dying upon the cross He gave you to be our Mother too. As we gather now to honour you, and seek your prayerful support, we dedicate and consecrate ourselves, our families and our parish to your powerful intercession. We ask that the cloak of your protection be put around us and that you keep us before the throne of your Son in your prayers.

Dear Lady, obtain for us many graces that we may serve our brothers and sisters. And that in all things, God may have the glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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