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Mercy Bus

Have you heard of the Mercy Bus? It is an initiative of the Diocese of Salford for this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The bus, an ordinary double decker, has been liveried for The Year of Mercy and each weekend is found in some town centre or estate in the Salford Diocese to encourage people back to the Church through the ever avaliable mercy of God. It began its new 'career' in Rome being blest by Pope Francis and has now made its way back to England.

It has been 'borrowed' by some of the schools in the southern end of the Lancaster Diocese to give their young people and children a different way of accessing the Mercy of God. Recently it was present at Corpus Christi High School where is was much used and later it came to St Clare's where our boys and girls used it for Confessions after an introductory Service in Church.


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