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Duck Race

A group of parishioners, young and old, turned out on the morning of Saturday 24th September for the 2016 Duck Race, which took place on the River Brock at the Brock Valley Picnic Site.


The 179 plastic ducks were ceremoniously dropped in to the river from the road bridge. Having learnt a lesson from last year’s race, a team of ‘Duck Encouragers’ were ready and waiting, wading into the river to assist any ducks, which had stranded themselves, won the long journey to the finishing line about 200 yards downstream.

Eventually some ducks managed to avoid the hazards and made it to the finish.


Duck no. 65, sponsored by Veronica Anderton, beat no. 55, sponsored by Fr. Darren, by ‘a short beak’ to claim the 1st prize of £50. Fr Darren had to settle for the second prize of £10. The children present had great fun with their fishing nests rescuing the remainder of the ducks. The event raised £309 for the Porch Fund.

Picnic baskets were opened and flasks provided welcome refreshments to all who attended.

Thanks to everyone for their support end especially The Duck Recovery Team, who ensured that the race can be run again in 2017 – bigger and better!


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