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Fr Loughran & Fr Darren

'Parting is such sweet sorrow,' so says Juliet to Romeo in the Shakespere's play of that same name. And how true that is!

Fr Darren and Fr Loughran concelebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on Friday evening together with very many parishioners gathered in church, for their time at St Clare's. In his homily, Fr L referred to the 5 stones David picked from the brook when it was time for him to face Goliath. Fr L offered 5 words. The first was to seek forgiveness from all who had been hurt over the last 8 years. His second word was 'thanksgiving' offering praise to God for having brought him & Fr D to St Clare's and the blessing that have flowed. In the third place there was an exhortation to prayer for prayer underpins all kingdom activity. FR L asked that the parish nurture a culture of voaction and his fifth word was to praise Fr D for all his untiring work. To end with Fr L sought that all would develope a lively devotion to Our Blessed Lady.

In the Parish Hall following the Mass there was a lovely celebration. A speech was given by the Chair of the PPC and presentation to the priests were made, and a good time was had by all.


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