May Procession 2017

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This afternoon the annual May Procession took place. It's a popular devotion, to honour Our Lady and to ask her prayers for our parish and school.

The weather was wonderful - if anything, a little too warm, and there was a good turnout of parents and parishioners.

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Children had brought flowers into school, and we began with some a couple of hymns and a prayer in the hall, before beginning the procession.

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The procession made its way across the school playground, with children forming a 'guard of honour' for the statue of Mary, which was carried by four children from Class 8.

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Inside the church, the flowers were left around the statue of Mary, as a sign of our love and devotion. The oldest and youngest children in the school placed a small crown of flowers on the statue, reminding us that Mary is crowned as Queen of Heaven by her Son. The May Procession is one of those occasions in parish life which touches a lot of people, perhaps because we all benefit from Our Lady's motherly care and intercession. Afterwards a team of ladies worked hard to sort all the flowers left by the children, and create a very beautiful and colourful shrine to Our Lady.

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You can see more images from today's procession below.

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