Called Beyond

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This week parishioners at St Clare's have been exploring the theme 'Vocation' as part of a week entitled, "Called Beyond."

The week is part of a national initiative to encourage a culture of vocation in parishes. Each one of us is called by God: He chose us! Sometimes we think life is all about choosing what we want, but for a Christian it is God who takes the initiative. He knows what we are made for, and the real question is always, "Where is God calling me next?"

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On Monday evening some married couples opened up their homes to other parishioners, and spoke about their vocation to married life and their vocation as parents. In all, four couples shared their experience with those who came.

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 On Tuesday evening several people shared a bit about their vocational journey, and we had the chance to explore together our common baptismal vocation as followers of Jesus.

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On Wednesday the sisters at Carmel - just down the road from St Clare's - spoke about how God had led them to religious life, and about how they live their vocation today. It was striking how joyful they were! For parishioners, it was a rare opportunity to talk to the nuns in this way, and those who attended really enjoyed the evening.

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Finally, on Friday, Sue Lawrenson, who has recently made her first vows in consecrated life as a member of the Company of St Ursula, spoke about her journey of faith and her call to follow the Lord in this way. For many people it was a chance to discover a little bit more about what consecrated life is, and the role it plays in the life of the Church. Click on the gallery below to see some other images from this very fruitful week in the parish.

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