On the pilgrim way

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The parish is very blessed to be so close to the ancient shrine of Ladyewell, a place of devotion to Our Lady for many centuries.

This afternoon a group of parishioners braved the inclement weather to walk on pilgrimage to the shrine, a pleasant route off the main roads, a distance of just over two miles.

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The walk itself gave us chance to talk to one another and reminded us that we are a pilgrim people, always going forward in our journey towards the Lord, deepening our faith and our love with the help of His grace. Once at Ladyewell we had a time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, also praying some devotions to Our Lady and to the local martyrs, for whom Ladyewell was such an important place during the years of persecution.

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We were grateful for the generous hospitality of the team at Ladyewell House. You can find out more about the shrine on its website: click here. And click below for a few more images of this mini-pilgrimage. For those who fancy a slightly grander pilgrimage, think about coming to Assisi with us next May - information is available in the narthex.