Good Friday

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The Good Friday liturgy is the most solemn of the year. The church was in darkness during the afternoon, as we gathered around the cross to mourn the death of Christ and to thank Him for showing such great love for us.

At the end of the liturgy the altar and sanctuary remained bare, except for the crucifix and the candles around it. During the liturgy the cross was unveiled, and people came forward to venerate it, as a sign of our love for Christ. The church remains bare until the Easter Vigil, when new life springs forth as the Lord rises. The vigil begins at 8:30pm tonight. Come and celebrate this beautiful and joyful occasion. Mass tomorrow (Easter Sunday) is at 9:30am and 6pm, and there is also Exposition with an Easter reflection at 3:30pm, followed by sung Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Benediction at 4pm.

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