Easter 2017

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On Saturday night we began the celebration of the Lord's resurrection. The Easter fire was lit outside the church, and from it the Paschal Candle, which symbolises the risen Lord, took its flame.


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This one flame - the risen Lord - was brought into the church, the light of the risen Christ beginning to dispel the darkness of sin and death. Each person in the church had their candle lit from this one source, to show that the risen Lord is our hope; in this way, the light of Christ spread among His people. After listening to the sung Exsultet (Easter proclamation) and readings from the Old Testament, the church was then illuminated, the first 'Alleluia' of Easter was sung, and the Gospel of the empty tomb was read. The font was blessed, showing that all those who are baptised share in Christ's victory over death. We were delighted to receive Tom into the Church, and to confirm him and Sarah. It is always a joy to welcome new members of the Church at Easter, and across the world many thousands of people have been baptised and received into the Church. We remember them in our prayers, along with those still discerning the Lord's call to faith. Click on the image gallery below to see more pictures from this year's Easter Vigil.

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