Portraits of Faith

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Today the parish is hosting an exhibition organised by Aid to the Church in Need, as part of our parish project to support displaced families in Syria.

"Portraits of Faith" features works by the Syrian Orthodox artist Farid Georges, as well as drawings by Syrian children, which give a real insight into the everyday lives of those affected by the ongoing civil war. The exhibition is open until 8:30pm.

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During the afternoon some of the older children from our primary school came over to take a guided look around the exhibition. They seemed particularly struck by the drawings made by children their own age in Syria.

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As part of the exhibition we are also displaying messages of hope written by children at St Clare's school for the people of Syria. The exhibition forms part of a project run by Aid to the Church in Need (North West) to raise £50,000 to support displaced families in Syria. So far St Clare's church and school have contributed just short of £6000 to the total. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity!

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