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Hodovo VisitOn the Thursday of Easter, and still during the Easter School holidays, Fr Loughran, Mr Purcell, St. Clare's Headteacher and two parishioners: Mrs Cywinski & Mrs Foster went on a fact-find visit to a Refugee (now called Internally Displaced Persons) Settlement in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) at Hodovo.


It had been mooted some time ago that the Parish and the school might join together in some 'outreach' work. Fr Loughran already had contact with Hodovo. A Bosnia (Hodovo) group was established and this visit was all part of the on-going process.


The four travelled to Dubrovnik where they hired a car and drove to BiH. On Friday a meeting had been pre-arranged with our group and the Headteacher of the local school. We were warmly received and given a 'tour' of the somewhat dilapidated school.


Many things emerged from the meeting; chief amongst them was that there is genuine poverty and need, that the Headteacher was not 'pushy' and only after she was 'pressed' did she come up with very basic requests: P E equipment. What was impressive was that, as poor as these children are, they had been raising some funds with a little activiity, but not for themselves, but for less fortunate children in Uganda.


There will be more details posted about this event and the on-going project in the near future.



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