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HodovoOur latest parish contact with the Hodovo School in Bosnia was in September. Fr Loughran was welcomed to the school by the Headteacher. On display was some of the PE equipment bought with fund supplied by our parish & school. Equipment is not easy to source out there and some of the items they ordered are still awaited.


It came as a bit of a surprise to learn that the Hodovo school was one of the better equipped schools oversee by Kristina Marina the Head. One of her other school, Prenj, does not even have running water! Fr Loughran asked Ms Marina to get an estimate for the cost for the connection of a wter supply. It turned out to be 5.000KM (local currency) which equates with about 2,500 euros. This is probably a project that we will be supporting.


What struck Fr Loughran was the reticence that the teachers had when asking for equipment. They are taking nothing for granted and are certainly not treating us as the 'goose that laid the golden egg.' When 'pressed' for other equipment that they might require and we could help them with, eventually a laptop and a projector were mentioned. Now, English Martyr's school, Preston have already given us their old projectors, so it will be a matter of finding an efficient way to get them to Bosnia, and providing a Laptop (or two!). What we take so much for granted in our schools is seen as an absloute luxury in the poverty stricken schhols in this part of Bosnia.


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