Day 2 of the End2End Sponsored Walk

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The start of Day 2The Walk resumed at White Horse Bridge and continued north to Bilsborrow, passing ‘Owd Nells’ on the way. From here the vista opened out to a splendid view of the Bleasdale Fell.


North then to Garstang and the marina at ‘Th’owd Tithebarn. Continuing on the Holiday Park at Cabus Nook and finishing finally at Ratcliffe Wharf, north of Cabus.  Twenty miles completed and still dry.



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04 Barton Grange Marina.jpg 05 Approaching garstang.jpg 06 The Tithebarn Marina.jpg

07 Holiday homes at Cabus Nook.jpg 08 End of Day 2 at Ratcliffe Wharf.jpg