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Hodovo Fund RaiserThe venue was Il Cenacolo: the dining room at Corpus Christi College who kindly hosted this Sri Lankan Evening, a fund raiser in aid of our Bosnian Project to support tose who live and are associated with the Hodovo Settlement.

Hodovo Fund Raiser


Mary Dacey, from Sri Lanka now domiciled here in Preston gave an expert demonstration of how to prepare Sri Lankan food. The audience was fascinated by what they saw and heard. Mary was ably assisted by the chef at Corpus Christi: Chris Callagher and other members of staff who made everyone so welcome demonstrating their expertise at hospitality.


Hodovo Fund RaiserIf the demonstration was good, tasing the actual food was even better; it was mouthwateringly delicious. And it did not end there, for two of Mary's talented children entertained the gathering with music and song.