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At least for the Y 5 & 6 boys and girls in St Clare's School as they spent the whole of Friday night in their class rooms. No it was not a severe detention for bad behavious, on the contrary it was for a very good cause that the boys & girls gave up their Friday night and actually paid to stay at school.


It was all in a good cause, it was the annual 'sleepover' to raise funds for the Hodovo Project . The children are very well aware of the difficult situation that their peers in Hodovo face and the 'sleepover' was one of the ways that they try to reach out to them.


However they did have an enormous fun-filled night watched over by a number of the school's staff who generously gave of their time to supervise the boys and girls. The evening started in church where the children came to join the First Friday Adoration; they sang Croatian songs and prayed for their less fortunate brothers and sisters.


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