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Hodovo GroupOn Monday evening (20/2) the Hodovo Group met in the Presbytery to move the Project further forward. After the time of prayer, the group heard the good news that £5,000 had been donated to help bring over from Bosnia a group of children and adults to coincide with Preston Guild. A further £300 had also been given.


Hodovo GroupMr Callagher shared with the group the plans drawn up for the library in the Bosnian Secondary School. These were bright and innovative and had been produced free of charge by a local architect. Mr C will send the drawings to the school and ask to have them costed locally.


The group looked at the potential cost of bring the Bosnian group over to Preston and decided that it was 'doable.' It was also hoped that a group of young people and teachers from St. Clare's School and Corpus Christi College would travel to Hodovo in May. Mr Donlan was checking the Charity Commission website to see if there were any charities that could help with our project.


Mrs Cywinski outlined a programme of fund raising events that had been planned for the coming months.


The group bore in mind the task of helping these people for who very little other help is available.