Saint Joseph's Day

Written by Andrew Allman on .


Today is the Feast of St Joseph, the spouse of Our Lady and the Guardian of the Universal Church. It gives us a little break from our Lenten observance - you can't fast on a feast day! This morning we had a beautiful celebration of morning prayer, followed by Mass for the feast day. Our statue of St Joseph stands on the sanctuary for the day, a reminder to us to ask St Joseph to pray for us and watch over us all.

3rd-11th August: St Clare Novena

Written by Andrew Allman on .


The parish is making a novena to our patroness, St Clare, in preparation for her feast day. Over nine days, 3rd-11th August, we will pray for various intentions, invoking St Clare's intercession for the poor, the sick, families, for peace, for our parish, and for our growth in faith and love of Jesus. Through this time of prayer we can learn from St Clare's example, join her in praying for various needs, and receive her help from heaven, where she intercedes for us before God. The novena is to be prayed in our homes, whether as individuals or as families, and will only take 3-4 minutes per day. Will you join in this time of prayer? The full novena can be downloaded here.