Adult Catechesis

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Adult Catechesis

The adult catechesis began here at St. Clare’s last Monday and Thursday; around 35 attended each evening.

As a build up to the adult Catechesis, members of the Neo Catechumenal Way from Communities around the North West went around the houses in the parish on Saturday and Sunday of last week knocking on doors inviting people to come to the catechesis. Also, as a way supporting the on-going catechesis, members from other Communities where today (Sunday) in Preston City Centre giving witness to how God has helped them in their lives and the lives of their families. Five different people spoke. Questions were asked by those members of the public who had gathered around to listen. There was also singing as well as scripture being read; the group where in the City Centre from 1pm till 3pm; they will return for the next three weeks to the same place: The Flag Market (the square in front of the Harris Library). If you were present at some of these talks last year, I strongly urge you to come and listen again. Or maybe you did not manage to get to any of them last year and have been unable to attend last week, I strongly advise you to come and listen, each talk lasts 45 minutes every Monday and Thursday.

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