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Young People's DayTwo of the Parish Youth Groups - Seekers & God's Friends Forever - came together for a Young Peoples' Day on Sunday June 23rd. It began at 10.30am and went on until and including the Sunday evening Mass which the young people animated.


The whole day had been a preparation for the Evening Mass: Drama, Art, Music. There were lots of fun and games and a barbecue, even though the weather was not as kind as it could have been. The day was run by Fr darren and the Metanoia Project Team. The evening Mass was well attended and a joyful celebration.


This event is just one in a series that Fr Darren is organising: a joint session of GFF & Seekers on the 25th to which adults interested in helping with young people throughout the deanery have been invited. Threr is a deanery football tournament and in conjunction with The Diocesan Youth Service, a mini-mission to the Catholic High Schools as part of the Year of Faith activities


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