Deanery Football Tournament

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Sunday 30th June seen the long awaited Preston Deanery inter parish football tournament. St Clare’s participated along with Our lady and St Edwards and St Maria Goretti.


St Clare’s had two teams A and B while the other parishes had one team each. The winning team was Our Lady and St Edwards with St Clare’s teams coming second and third and St Maria Goretti in fourth place. The kick off was at 12:30 with the final game being played at 315, the rain held off during the tournament which made things easier for the players and for those who turned out to support the teams.


Many thanks goes to Cath and Steve Greenwood who coached our teams and organised the day. Thanks also goes to Mr Boates of Corpus Christi, who organised the pitches for the tournament along with the officials and the trophies and medals for those players taking part.


The winning team each received a trophy and each player received a medal for taking part. There was also a trophy for a player from each team for their contribution to their team. St Clare’s A team player of the tournament went to Kenneth Vijay and the B team player of the tournament was Daniela Law. Well done to all the players from St Clare’s who took part on the day and for their dedication during the training sessions. We hope that the next tournament will take place in September with more parishes taking part.


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