Youth Groups Summer Party

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Summer Party

Tuesday evening was the Youth Group’s end of year Summer Party for Seekers and GFF. There were 65 young people who attended the party which was an evening of fun.


There were hot dogs, cakes and ice cream and two bouncy castles. Wisely after the young people had hot dogs and cakes there was a time of quite prayer to allow their food to settle before going back on the bouncy castle.


St Clare’s welcomed a few young people from the Cottam Youth Group (St Andrew & Blessed George Haydock) and also some new members of the GFF Group joined us from St Gregory’s parish. So we come to the end of the first year of running the faith based Youth Groups here at St Clare’s. These two Groups now have 57 registered members, which we hope to increase in the coming year. We are also mindful that we need to organise a group for those who are 16+. We will be trying to set this up as we re-start in September.


Many thanks go to Ruth & Joe from the Metanoia Project for all their work over the last year. Our thanks also go to Emma, Anne and Eileen for volunteering over the last three months to support the Seekers Group as it has grown. Thanks also goes to Helen who has helped to feed our young people on the youth days that we have held over the last year. We look forward to September when the Groups re-start.


If anyone would like to support these groups in the coming year please contact Fr. Darren direct.


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