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Seekers Youth Group

On Sunday (March 2nd) St Clare’s Seekers Youth Group went to Our Lady & St Edward’s (OLSE) parish to take part in a Youth Day supported by some of the members of the GFF Group (older boys and girls).


The reason for getting together was to encourage the young people from OLSE to make use of the youth group provided at St Clare’s parish. In order to promote this youth day Ruth, Joe and I, along with Fr Horn went into OLSE primary school on Wednesday afternoon and delivered three 30 minute sessions to Key Stage Two classes. The result was that a total of 33 young people attended the day, which was very successful.


It was based around Psalm 105 “The hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice” which is the biblical text upon which the Seekers Youth Group is based. On the day, the young people took part in a number of activities to help them understand about Seeking Jesus first. Around half the young people where from OLSE parish; they have been invited to come along to the Seekers Group this Tuesday. The idea is that both St Clare’s parish and OLSE will share the resource to benefit our young people.


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