Deanery Youth Day

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Deanery Youth Day

Today St. Clare’s hosted the Deanery Youth Day for young people from around the Deanery. Twenty eight young people attended the day, which was organised by Fr. Darren and Ruth and Joe from the Metanoia Project.

This is the second Deanery Youth Day that has been organised, the last one being on National Youth Sunday back in November, which was hosted at St Walburge’s. The difference with this day was that a number of young people from around the Deanery have been working together for a few months to deliver the content of the day; this is what they had to say:

We first met back in December to begin the planning and preparation for the Youth Day. The first time meeting was really to get to know one another and to design the posters and flyers for the event. Over the coming months we met three times to come up with ideas for the day. At first it was difficult to think of ideas, but with a bit of guidance, the ideas began to develop. Although the meetings that we had were short they were very productive. Our final meeting was on the 29th March which was used to bring the whole day together.

"The day itself was very successful, the treasure hunt was amazing, the prayer stations in the afternoon help the young people to think about their lives and take up the opportunity to go to Confession. Confessions were heard by Fr. Darren and Fr. Bob Horn. Fr Horn also came in the morning and made toast for us while Fr, Darren and Denise Hughes cooked our lunch. We all sat together and enjoyed eating and talking. The day started off with people not knowing each other and ended up with people making new friends. Days like these are important to our faith we have a great opportunity to come together from all over Preston and the surrounding areas. By the end of the day we had all received something that we all could take away with us."

Many thanks to Fr. Darren, Ruth and Joe for the preparation and support of the young people facilitating the Deanery Youth Day. Many thanks to Fr. Bob for his support during the Day and to Denise Hughes for catering. It is our hope that the young people from around the Deanery who worked so hard for this day will continue this good work.

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