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Last Friday there was a Leavers’ Liturgy for the year 13s at Cardinal Newman Catholic College. Around 500 students gathered in the sports hall at the St Augustine’s building.

The liturgy was celebrated by the Chaplaincy Team and contributed to by the many different departments within the college. Although the liturgy was Catholic it was inclusive of the many different faith represented among the year 13s.

Each year the college takes some words of Blessed John Henry Newman for the theme for the year, this year’s words where, “Shine as to be a light to others.” The Gospel that was used this year to compliment these words was from the Gospel of St Matthew, "You are light for the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub, they put it on a lamp-stand where it shines for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine in people's sight so that, seeing your good works, they may give praise to your Father in heaven."

Also used in the liturgy was the following words from Pope Francis, “A spark of divine light is within each of us.” Fr. Darren spoke after the Gospel reading about the importance of the young people continuing to be the light to the world as they leave Cardinal Newman Catholic College. He also said that it was the hope of Cardinal Newman Colleges that during their time at the college they had truly experienced through others the light of Christ in their lives.

After Fr. Darren spoke the Principle, Nick Burnham addressed the students, he said that this year’s 13s was the first year that he had seen through the full two years of their time at the college. He said that he was proud of their achievements and that they had certainly not let him down. He also recorded how grateful he was to the students for the contribution they have made over the last two years to the life of the college.

Please keep the young people in your prayers as they continue with their exams after the half term.

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