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Today over 40 young people gathered at St Clare’s for the annual Youth Day for the feast of Christ the King.


The young people came up with lots of different qualities required by a shepherd, they then explored these in the light of Christ being the shepherd. It was then explained to the older group that they would need to put all these qualities into practise themselves as they were needed to shepherd the younger group around an assault course while the younger ones were blindfolded. After the young people had been lead around the course by the older ones, it was the turn of the adults to have a go while being shepherded by the young people. After this it was time for lunch, even though it was near the end of November we still had a BBQ.

After Lunch the younger people continued with a number of games and activities learning about the two crowns of Christ, the crown of thorns and the crown of glory. After this the young people prepared the liturgy for the 6pm Mass in which they sang some songs they had learnt and proclaimed the scriptures.

Many thanks to all those that helped on the day which would not have been possible without them.


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