White Rabbit

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White Rabbit

On Saturday evening the GFF youth group departed from St Clare's for their end of term group trip.

We first went to Marino's for pizzas were we enjoyed spending time together eating and chatting. After we had finished at Marino's, we then made our way to St Clare's Parish Hall for an hour or so of games, before heading off to Our Lady & St. Edwards Parish Hall which was the venue for the play 'White Rabbit', written by RISE Theatre's Charley Pinfold.


The play presents a tale of two people lost in a grown-up world of work, normality and disappointment - a place with no time for fairy tales or childhood dreams. Jenny cannot STOP, her fast-paced work life spiralling out of control. Tom cannot start his life as an artist now at a complete standstill. Suddenly an unexpected encounter with a stranger sets them on a life-changing journey. Could this be the White Rabbit of their childhood?

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