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World Youth Day Blog

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World Youth Day

Well, at long last the adventure has begun; the young people (and their minders!) have set off for Poland and their appointment with Pope Francis.

The young people in the parish who are part of the NeoCatechumenal Communities began on Friday going to London to pick up more NeoCatechumenal youth and then on to Poland via Amsterdam and Berlin where they will give public testimony. The first hiccup was the inordinate delay at Dover - but onwards and upwards!

The other young people set off at Lunchtime after a Mass in a fleet of mini busses and headed for Manchester Airport and onwards to Poland where they joined up with our guests from Bosnia and thus began the great adventure. The following is a blog updated daily through Fr Darren,


Daily Blog


Monday 25th July 2016

This morning started for some at 7am, the fit and healthy ones who went for a run around the local area with some of the adult leaders. We all then came together for Morning Prayer before breakfast. Then after Mass at the hotel we made our way to Krakow were we spent the day getting our bearing and meet 1000's of other pilgrims. After the day in Krakow we made our way back to the hotel for our evening meal, after which the young people had free time together before spending some time reflecting on their day and writing their reflections on it in their dairies. We then ended the day with Night Prayer before the young pilgrims went to bed to rest before a long day tomorrow.

Sunday 24th July 2016

This morning the pilgrims for World Youth Day gathered together with their families for 11am Mass at St. Clare's. At the end of Mass Fr. Loughran addressed the pilgrims reminding them that they were not setting off on a ‘jolly’, but a pilgrimage, a time of encountering Christ. Fr. Loughran encouraged the pilgrims to remain open to allow Christ to work in their live. He then prayed over the pilgrims and wishes then a happy and holy pilgrimage.

The group then set off for the airport in the mini buses, everything ran smoothly throughout the journey arriving at Krakow on time. When we arrived at Krakow our friends from Hodovo had just arrived. 

We picked up our pilgrim packs boarded the coach and when we arrived at the hotel the evening meal was ready and waiting for us. 

We ended the day with Night Prayer before the pilgrims settle down for the night.


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