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Cathedral of Christ the King

This morning some of the early morning runners were not as enthusiastic as they were yesterday only 3 adults and 2 young people.

Today began the first of the long days, we set off from the hotel to visit Katowice, first we went to the Cathedral of Christ the King. This Cathedral is a unique architectural project, designed and built during 1927 and 1955. The difficult time of the World War II forced a pause in the creation of the Cathedral.

After the visit to the Cathedral we went down into the city centre where everyone had time to visit different places. In the later afternoon we made our way to the Salt mines and after having dinner there we went on the salt mines tour. For the majority of us, this was our first visit to this remarkable mine. We descended some 130 metres by foot into its depths. Karol our interpreter translated what the tour guide was saying giving us an insight into what life would have been like for the miners - a truly humbling experience. The skill of the craftsmen and engineers who had constructed the mine left us speechless.

We were privileged to experience Mass within one of its sacred places and very much appreciated the opportunity once again to thank God for our day together. We ascended by what can only be described as a cage, screaming and laughter could be heard from our young people.

The salt mines is a must if you ever visit Kraków. After a long day, we finished with diaries and night prayer.

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