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Just how important it is to 'tell the story' was amply exhibited on Friday evening in our Parish Hall when very many of the young peole who attend this year's World Youth Day Event in Poland gave an account of their time there.

The gallery will show that they divided the presentation to parents, parishioners & family, into sections beginning with the fund raising in the year leading up to the event, then to the various elements of the time in Poland. They reported on how wonderful it was to feel so connected to the universal Catholic family and to see just how vast that family was before their very eyes; they commented on the friends they had become with other young Catholic all over the world and how they were still in touch through social media.

The young people seemed truly impressed with what the Pope had to say to them and they responded with the energy and vibrancy that only young people can. We heard of their near encounter with the Holy Father, of their visit to the Concentration Camps - something which made a deep and lasting impression upon them. They spoke too, of their visit to the salt mines and the awesomeness of celebrating Holy Mass there.

Also, the young people from the Parish who walk in the neocatechumenal way and who had attended the WYD event with that movement, gave a report on their time on this great pilgrimage.

At the end of the presentation the Parish Priest gave an appreciation of all that the young people had presented. He thanked those who had been marvellous in their financial support of these young people; special mention and thanks was given to the adults who accompanied they young people for the unstinting giving of themselves in this venture. He ended by praising and commending Fr Darren for his organisation and leading of the Pilgrimage.

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