End of term Celebrations!

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To end our term and celebrate all that we have done together over the last year, both the Seekers and Anointed groups had celebrations.

On Wednesday 12th July the Seekers group had fun with a bouncy castle, outdoor play and hot dogs and ice cream. On Sunday 16th July the Anointed group played some team games, ate Pizza and sweets and ended our year by joining the Parish for the end of the Forty Hours and leading them in worship. We always end our meetings with prayer in the Church so it was the perfect end of our term to be able to join with other members of the Parish for this great celebration.

Massive thanks to all those who help us lead the groups - the volunteers and the young leaders. We couldn’t do it without you and you bring so much to the groups as a blessing to the young people. We hope everyone has a fun and fruitful summer and we look forward to everything the Lord has in store for us in September!

Here are some photos of the Seekers group having fun!

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We were so busy having fun with the Anointed group on our last day that we forgot to take any photos! So here are a couple from the past few months showing you some of the stuff we get up to...

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