Goodbye to the porch

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Today the church porch was used for the last time before being demolished in the coming days.


Illustration of the new Narthex for St Clare's church


From Monday 4th September the builders will be on site, demolishing the porch before building the narthex. The project is expected to take 16 weeks, so should be finished (weather permitting) just before Christmas. The information below explains how St Clare’s will function during the building work:

And so it begins...

IMG 4521

Many people will have today walked past these markings on the church car park without thinking anything of them, but they mark the first physical signs of a dramatic transformation coming to St Clare's church later this year.


Duck Race

A group of parishioners, young and old, turned out on the morning of Saturday 24th September for the 2016 Duck Race, which took place on the River Brock at the Brock Valley Picnic Site.

The Sponsor of Plots for St. Clare’s Porch Extension Fund

We would like to ask you to sponsor an area of the floor space (a ‘plot’) of the new porch. You are then asked to ‘donate’ that plot to the parish!

The plots will cost £50 each. You may buy as many plots as you wish, at £50 each. If you wish, you may pay in five monthly instalments of £10 each. You will be provided with envelopes for this purpose.

In return, you will receive a Certificate recognising your donation of the plot. On the reverse of the certificate a floor plan will indicate the plot or plots, which you have sponsored and donated.


Indian Night

Most parishes these days have a wide ethnic mix. St Clare's is no different. We have parishioners from Africa, Asia, North & South America as well as various parts of Europe. On Sunday evening our Indian parishioners treated us to a veritable feast of food and culture.



You remember the old Hollywood movie of that title?  Well, it was shown at the Place Cinema, Longridge to raise funds for St Clare's Porch Extension.


West Elevation

No, not quite Shakespere, indeed, nothing like him but what is in a name (or a title for an article)? After at least a couple of years of talking and cogitating and consulting, it has been agreed to seek diocesan permission to extend our church porch. Initial permission has been given to begin fundraising; we need over £100,000!

That is why a small group of parishioners met on Friday evening to posit some ideas on how this sum can be raised and ways to take it forward. The fundraising will begin in earnest in September. Already some generous parishioners have given donations.


New Porch Fundraising

West Elevation

Our church porch is too small! Over the years it has become quite a problem as it's just too small and no longer meets the needs of our busy parish.

There are several concerns:

  • To create a toilet for use by the disabled. Simply to put in a ‘disabled toilet’ is not an option as there is insufficient space to comply with the legal requirements. As a Church we have a duty and responsibility to the disabled.
  • To make available a ‘baby changing’ facility. These days there are many more young families present at Mass (esp 9.30am). There is no comfortable, hygienic place for parents to change a soiled nappy. So they have to resort to the floor in the present lavatory or the floor in the porch. As a Church we should be warm and welcoming to young families and help to address their needs in this way.
  • To create enough space for parishioners to mill around and greet each other. The porch is a woefully inadequate place for people to stand around and talk. Before most Masses the clergy and the ‘greeters’ take up most of the available space!
  • To allow high enough doors for dignified access for coffins. At present if a family want to show love and respect by carrying their loved one’s coffin there is a lack of dignity as they have twice to stoop down to get the coffin through the doors
  • To ensure enough space for display of notices, newspapers, periodicals, information, ad hoc items 6. To create a friendly, warm, welcoming area as the first impression of our church.

After at least a couple of years of talking and cogitating and consulting, it has been agreed to seek diocesan permission to extend our church porch. Initial permission has been given to begin fundraising; we need over £100,000!

Fundraising has begun in earnest and over the coming months there will be plenty of opportunities for you to help us raise the necessary funds.